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"Any time spent at Mi Escuelita Preschool with Ileana is a gift, whether you are young or old, child or caregiver.  Ileana is a highly skilled teacher with an ambitious curriculum and an exuberance and personal touch that creates the most powerful of learning environments.  She is dynamic and enthusiastic, caring, and joyful.  She teaches lessons far beyond an academic curriculum.  Our daughter's preschool days were spent enjoying the beauty and the joys of language and learning through music, dance, and play.  She was busy exploring, discovering, creating, singing, and building friendships with her classmates.  It was no less than a magical preschool experience!

Mi Escuelita Preschool will always hold a special place in our memories and our hearts.  The feeling of family that Ileana fosters for her students within her classroom, and the manner in which she includes the entire family in her program provides for such a happy and safe place for young children to learn and grow.  We are so grateful for the time that our daughter spent in her program and for the learning and social experiences that she provided our family. Thank you Mi Escuelita

- The Bayford Family

"My two girls attended Mi Escuelita and grew academically and socially in ways that I could never have imagined. Ileana's teaching style is very creative and hands on. She is compassionate, yet maintains control and respect in the classroom setting. Ileana has strong organization skills, connects with the children and has the kids best interest at heart.

I think the best quality of the school (besides learning Spanish as a second language), is that Ileana loves children and her job. I can't think of a better place I would want to send my children."

- Sam and Rebecca

"Our daughter spent two years (ages 3-5) at Mi Escuelita Preschool and it was an amazing experience for her as well as our entire family. Ileana truly loves the children she teaches and it shows in the way she nurtures not just their learning and growth at all levels but also their individuality and overall health. She is genuinely interested in and caring for whole families and extended families in her school community and beyond. The way she uses music, art, physical activity and PLAY as teaching tools is amazing and so applicable to her students that it leaves a lasting impression. I have no doubt that it helped immensely with advanced reading and literacy skills and a smooth transition to Kindergarten.

The full immersion approach to Spanish can be overwhelming for English speaking parents at first (haha) but it is amazing how the children just take it all in stride and very quickly are responding appropriately and comprehensively to questions and requests en Español and singing along with all the songs. We are so lucky to have had Ileana to start our daughter's formal education and foster a lifelong love of learning, right here in our own neighbourhood. ❤ ❤ ❤"

- Kate, Warren and Kaia Lario

"I am a Mother of four children and our family moved to Kelowna last year. My youngest son Duke had the privilege to attended Mi Escuelita preschool. It was the most incredible preschool I have ever experienced. Ileana truly is the most kind, hands on amazing teacher imaginable. From finding treasure (tesoro) in her giant outdoor sandbox, to hatching chicks in the spring, Duke was always greeted at the door in Spanish with kindness, respect and enthusiasm. The experience was invaluable.
Duke was always busy learning about nature and science and connection with all peers his age. He was able to speak Spanish and write his letters and numbers in both English and Spanish by the end of the year. When he started kindergarten this year his teacher was amazed at his printing and reading and especially his math. I would highly recommend this school to all my friends and family and continue to do so. My son Duke woke up excited every single day to go and learn with Ileana. She taught him great work ethic and a true passion for language."

- Michelle Wilson